Classics for sale! (repost)

From: Ronald Kneusel <>
Date: Mon Jul 19 09:59:04 1999

A repost for those who didn't see it the first time. I'm only posting it
once a week. -Ron

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Looking to clear some shelf space and don't like ebay so in classic
fashion I'm running my own. Take a look. Highlights include:

TI-99/4 (not 4A!)
Kaypro 10
Kaypro 4 -- no bid yet!!
Kaypro 2
Kaypro II
TRS-80 Coco 1
TRS-80 pocket computer PC-2
Coleco ADAM
SWTPc S/09 System

all with various accessories and manuals. Also software and books,
including original muMATH/muSIMP for the Apple II.

is the URL. Shipping would be from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ron Kneusel
Received on Mon Jul 19 1999 - 09:59:04 BST

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