New Finds

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Mon Jul 19 18:00:32 1999

I have slowed down my collecting a bit because of space (warehouse and 4
storage units full plus what's in the house), so I'm looking for manuals and
specific machines to round out certain brands/models. Today I got 30+ books
for 10 cent each and one was a CP/M-86 operating system System Guide by
digital research dated April 15, 1983 Rev. 00 in very good shape. I also
got a ton of old software include on 5 1/4 diskettes for free. A lot of
drivers and setup disk for older machines. Saturday I did pickup a Laser
Computer XT that looks just like a Laser 128 must use the same cases. I
also got two external floppies with it. Keep computing.
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