Sun Monitor (UK)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Jul 19 19:53:24 1999

I use really cheap video cards and they won't do this job! The older ones
which allowed you to specify whether they interlaced or not with, say, a
switch, would do it, however.

It takes a really fast DAC to shovel out the bits fast enough to allow the
production of 1280 dots at 64KHz! Most VGA makers have settled on a maximal
rate of 65 MHz, which means they have to interlace the 1280-long lines. If
you shop for older boards, you may find some capable of doing this task, but
they may fall short of your wishes for wild and crazy game graphics, as they
haven't the features newer cards offer.

IF you find a suitable card, let me know, plz.


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From: Lawrence Walker <>
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On 19 Jul 99 at 7:41, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> if the monitor is one of the SONY GDM1950 types, you can adapt
> a1280x1024-capable display board for use with it by means of a 500 ohm
> resistor between the GREEN output and the application connector composite
> blanking signal. It's not perfect, but there's a company on the west
> of the US which sells boards made in just this way witha custom BIOS which
> "sort-of" fixes the remaining issues.
> Unfortunately, it requires you have another monitor for use outside the
> one compatible with the DOS' 720x400, 640x400, etc. modes, etc. but these
> SONY monitors are better used that way than hauled around. The only
> connections required are the three BNC coax connections to R,G,and B, with
> their respective returns on the shield.
> regards,
> Dick

Dick, could you elaborate on this a bit. I realize it is a bit OT but I
a SuperMac rebadged 19" GDM1950 that I picked up from the curb. It has 5 BNC
connectors and displayed a dark screen when I powered it up bare, but I was
encouraged because there was static on the screen. When I connected it with
5 BNC connectors to the adaptor I use on my NEC multi-sync 4Ds and turned it
without a computer powered up, for one glorius moment it displayed an azure
screen which then turned "IBM-blue" and then either to jaggies or dark(can't
recall which). Since then it only displays jaggies. I hesitate getting a
fixed-freq card for it since they are quite expensive and I'm not sure it
works. As well, I use the NEC as an all purpose display with DOS, Mac, and
on a ABCD switchblock so it would only be a secondary unit.

The big screen is enticing however and if I could use it without having to
out too much, since there's no guarantee that it is actually functioning, it
might be impossible to resist. I'm semi-retired, so money is an issue.

What is the "application connector composite blanking signal" and where
I find it. Would the V-sync and H-sync BNCs be ignored ?

Also do you have the name of this company that has these cards ?

I've also seen unverified info that some ATI cards work with this monitor.
Obviously you would need an adaptor but have you heard of this ? I have an
MCA ATI Mach-32 card in one of my PS2 beasts but have been reluctant to try
with the GMD1950 because of fear of the "magic smoke" escaping . Both my
Mac 7100/66AV and PS2 80 have on-board video and secondary monitor abilities

ciao larry

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