SSB DOS68? Anyone? Anyone?

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 15:54:43 1999

David Williams wrote:
> On 20 Jul 99, at 16:33, Bill Yakowenko wrote:

> > Heck, while I'm begging, does anybody out there have Flex for
> > the Radio Shack Color Computer?
> No but I wish I did. If you locate a source let us know.

I don't have a source but I do have a URL:

It's the URL for the FLEX Users' Group. Maybe they would know about
available copies.

There's also a FLEX emulator for Windows, available somehere on the Web,
which actually comes with a copy of FLEX. I doubt it's complete, though,
and it doesn't include any CoCo-specific enhancements (I assume there were

Also try this URL:

which is about a number of OSs that are compatible with FLEX. They may
actually still be for sale (but not necessarily cheaply).

-- Derek
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