Sun Monitor (UK) (2)

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 13:33:41 1999

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Mike Ford wrote:

> Proper mental health for this group is so off topic it isn't funny.
> I have no wish to be cured either, just chat about managing our
> addictions.

 [Lecture hall/meeting room: about 25 people sitting in folding
chairs or gathered around the doughnuts and coffee urns. A recent
member stands and folks quiet down to listen:]

  Hi! I'm, um... my name is, um... my name is *John*, and I...

    [group cheers and claps; various people reply with 'Hi John!' etc]

  ....thanks... thanks... like I said, my name is John, and as of
today's meeting, my... my garage has been empty enough to park...
[pauses, gets a grip, goes on..] for *five* days now, to... to park my
truck in it all the way..

  [sits down amid cheers and clapping and encouraging words. Someone
shouts: "Hey! There hasn't been a working mainframe in our bedroom
since last Spring!!!" More cheering. Everyone admires the large
poster of Sam I. on the wall.]

  John feels good, but realizes that there's a long way to go...
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