Using a TK50 tape on a TK70?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 17:25:26 1999

<Someone who is very experienced has suggested doing a bulk erase
<on a TK50 tape and using it in a TK70 tape drive! Has anyone
<ever done so and what happened?

Ah, I believe TK50 and TK70 tape is different media (magnetics). That is
why the TK70 can only read TK50 formats.

<I want to decide if a TK70 is the drive for doing backups? It is
<more than twice as fast as a TK50 and the capacity is about
<4 times when a TK70 is used. Also, the "/VERIFY:ONLY"
<switch in BUP works very well taking less than double the
<time as a straight RESTORE.

This is a no brainer, TK70 is better. By then the technology is more
mature and fewer tapes will be needed to backup a large disk.

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