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From: Kenny Innes <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 18:39:08 1999

>> Yes that us true. The T801 had several additional "features" compared to
>> the T805, but instruction wise, it didn't have any of the debugging
>> instructions
>> (plus some additional operators). The T801 was an experimental piece as
>Were they ever shipped? I know _I've_ got a couple somewhere, but then I
>have some odd Transputer stuff....

Yes they were shipped and ran very well.
They were an updated version of the basic T800 with as you say an
optimised for static ram memory interface ie demultiplexed.

>> as I am concerned. The T805 is the top-of-the-line "classic" transputer.
>> And
>> I dont consider the T801 as classic.
>Oh, come on. It's closely related to the T800 - the main difference is
>the memory interface. Same link spec, same-ish instruction set, etc.

Is it not identical software wise ?
Mine are....or seem to be ;-)

>I can understand not calling the T9000 a 'classic Transputer' -- it's
>very different to the T2/T4/T8 range. But the T801? No, I have to group
>that one with the other T8's

The T9 is maybe not a classic Transputer but the ones that work run
ok !
Using a little board (size 2) on a B008 you can get em to talk to
"classic" Trannies


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