vacuum tube circuits

From: Dave Dameron <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 22:34:23 1999

Hi Gary and all,
At 11:38 PM 7/21/99 -0700, Gary wrote:

>I also managed to locate the companion "Arithmetic Operations..." which
>is a fascinating book for describing 1957 technologies. Definitely
>recommend these to anyone interested in tube and very early solid state
>I found it interesting that this book is the ONLY book I have that
>includes Edmund Berkeley's "Giant Brains" in it's bibliography. "Brains"
>is *definitely* a book to add to your library, as well.

Yes, I noticed that reference as well, but haven't found it yet.
 Easy on the
>hardware descriptions, but Berkeley was visionary in fortelling the
>day-to-day uses of computers, writing when computers were mostly relays
>and the *really advanced* computers had tubes.
>BTW, A.B.E. is an association of small book sellers, not a seller itself.
>But their network seems to be extended to a lot of small bookstores. Your
>actual purchase is transacted with a specific member bookstore. Consequently
>you get to search the shelves of some really neat stores - the kind that
>would have old dusty books such as the above. And the prices are usually
>very fair. I've not bought through bookfinder, but I suspect A.B.E. is
>similar, judging by the look of their web pages.
> is a collection of several book seller networks and
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