Large inventory of transputer parts for sale!!!

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Thu Jul 22 07:56:26 1999

Allison J Parent wrote:

> <If I were you, I would buy one B008 motherboard, it holds 10 size 1
> <TRAMS (transputer modules). Then, I would buy the IMSB426 size 1 trams
> <which contains 4Megs per processor. The T805 is the top-of-the-line
> <"classic" transputer (forget about the ST20450 and the T9000
> <transputers,
> <they were failures). This would give you plenty of space to play with.
> <Of
> <course you can fill up the whole motherboard with 10 size-1 trams
> <(giving you 10 processors) or use size-2 trams which take up two slots
> <in the motherboard. The T800 is an older fabrication of the T805 and
> After much snippage...
> Huh?
> I'm not familiar with Transputers at all. for my interests one or two are
> likely enough and even then.

Remember that there are INMOS software for development for this.
You will need to get some of the Public domain stuff that is on my webpage.
There is a C & Modula-2 compiler for the transputer using Helios. And Helios

has POSIX-compatible libraries for you to port existing GNU software. There
was a GNU C port to the transputer, but I cant comment on how good it is or
it will work. As for support software, email me on the drivers, etc needed
to drive
this. The transputer homepage is at

Happy Transputing


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