Computers using a TV as the display

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Jul 22 11:06:26 1999

> I happened to notice an advert in a UK newspaper today.

> 'The PC is not supplied with a monitor. However the necessary
> cables/connections to use your TV as a display are included'

> So it appears that using a TV as a computer display is alive and well in
> the UK. Mind you, IMHO trying to view Windows (and I am sure that's the
> OS that came with this machine) on the average TV screen would make it
> even more unpleasant than usual.

Well... are you shure they did say 'TV', and
not Multimediadisplayterminalsetwhatever ?

And of course modern TV-sets are not just TV-sets :)

(Serious: If conected wia RGB/SCART, a mid to high
class TV can be as good as any cheap CRT - especialy
when using only 800x600 alike resolutions - or even
a possible, better adapted resolution)

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