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From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Thu Jul 22 13:59:00 1999

Chuck McManis wrote:

> Ok, so why are they called "Trams" anyway?
> --Chuck

trams stands for "TRAnsputer ModuleS". It is basically a transputer
with some memory. It connects to a TRAM motherboard that has slots
to connect the trams to. It is like a lego kit. TI had a similar
modelled after the trams call tims (TI Modules, IIRC). It got connected
TIM motherboards. The trams came in different sizes depending on how
slots it took in the mother board. size-1 trams occupied one slot.
size-2 trams
occupied two slots, size-4 trams occupied 4 slots, and the biggest
I seen were
size-8 trams that occupied 8 slots. Now not all slots were actually
So, you can stack other trams on top of existing trams as long as the
slot wasnt
used. Here is a brief, but good introductions to trams:


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