RK05J blower motor

From: Jgzabol_at_aol.com <(Jgzabol_at_aol.com)>
Date: Fri Jul 23 02:24:25 1999

Hi all,

the blower motor in one of my RK05J disk drives (DEC PDP-11/34a system)
burned out. I would like to obtain (buy/trade/anything) a replacement, either
the motor
or the entire blower assembly. Of course, if you have a RK05J where the motor
could be salvaged from I would be happy to do the removel.

Part numbers are

   DIGITAL BCO8R-01 UA Rev. M ECO 007 MFG.N.S. 733

Motor is KOOLTRONIC, Inc., No. 7162-0407
    115 V 60 Hz 0.47 A U.L. File No. E 40513 Type U62 3000 rpm

By the way, Kooltronic still exists but they do not have any stock left.
In the shops you find lots of 1560 rpm motors, but no 3000 rpm.

Thanks and regards
John G. Zabolitzky
Munich, Germany
Received on Fri Jul 23 1999 - 02:24:25 BST

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