Small SCSI drives

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Jul 23 12:19:56 1999

>I'm thinking about getting an HD for my pride-and-joy C128DCR and a guy up
>in Santa Maria sells mechs for SCSI drives that have the hardware for
>connecting them up to the Commodore serial bus.
>The problem with buying an SCSI drive at Fry's is (besides the fact that
>no one at Fry's knows *anything*) I don't need 8GB of space :-) He said that
>old SCSI drives out of ancient Macs and stuff like that, usually in the
>20-80MB range, would do. I haven't made up my mind about this yet, but does
>anyone out there have any old SCSI drives they might be persuaded to part
>with? Like I say, the capacity doesn't have to be "large".

Actually I PUT small SCSI drives in old macs, the donor machines are
typically old PS/2 computers. I typically have everything from about 30 mb
up to a couple of GB, and 30 - 40 MB, 80 MB, and 160 MB 3.5" half height
IBM drives are $5, $8, and $12 respectively. Priority Mail for under 2 lbs
adds $3.55.
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