Sun 3/100 - New toy.

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Jul 25 12:05:20 1999

>I have just got back from a 680 mile round trip to collect a free Sun
>3/110 along with various external drives and a monitor (which may be
>reepairable). I will post full details when I have got it all out of the
>car and found out exactly what it all is. I am also going to have to
>dive into my SunOS manuals to find out how to boot to single user mode and
>reset the root password as it has been forgotten by its prevoius owner.

I think you're looking to do a 'boot -s', at least that is what you do on a
Sun 4 and newer. Does a Sun 3 let you do a 'Stop-A' to drop to the 'ROM

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