VT340 manual?

From: Dann Lunsford <dann_at_greycat.com>
Date: Sun Jul 25 13:26:50 1999

Chuck McManis wrote:
> Two quick questions for the list:
> 1) Does anyone know the difference between a VT340 and a VT340+?
> 2) Does anyone have a manual for same, that I could purchase/borrow/copy etc.
> Thanks,
> --Chuck
Basically, diff is that the + has a 16 color pallette, vs a 4 color
pallette on the standard, and the + is dual session (I think, will
have to check on that). I've got a + here hooked to one of the machines
in my cluster. Somewhere I have a couple of manuals, too. Can't send
them, but will be glad to copy some pages if you let me know what you
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