Sun 3/100 - New toy.

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sun Jul 25 13:38:49 1999

On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Chuck McManis wrote:
>b sd(0,3,0)vmunix -s
>this from the boot prompt of course. The 3/110 was known as the "prism"
>inside of Sun as it sported the fancy new color frame buffer. Like the 3/75
>before it, it took multiple VME cards, although I believe it's got four
>slots to the 3/75's 3 slots. The same box was used when the "Cobra" came
>out which was the first SPARC desktop implementation (called a Sun 4/110).
>The nicest version of the OS to run on the 3/110 was SunOS 4.1.3 (some
>would argue 4.0.2 but I digress)

  4.1.1_U1 was the last release of SunOS to support the sun3 family.

         -Dave McGuire
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