DECpc 433 workstation/any documentation on this?

From: Megan <>
Date: Sun Jul 25 15:16:31 1999

>I found the above box recently and would like to get it up. Can anyone
>help me with info on this? The ram has been pulled as has the cpu so I
>need to know what its chip settup was. Seems to be Intel stuff
>otherwise. There are numerous adds on the net re; ram for this but
>virtually no other info. Other than that, the information I've collected
>is that it ran off of Dos (!?!) and was used in a token ring.
>Interesting layout inside.

I believe there are multiple 433 systems... if the type you have is
a table-top unit about two inches thick with the 3.5" floppy on the
right side of the unit, I might be able to help... contact me off-list.

> I also need to know if there was anything special about the floppy
>drive as I'd need to replace that as well. Last, is there anyway to rig
>a harddrive into one of these?

Again, if it is the one I mentioned above, yes, you can have a hard
drive -- but it has to be a notebook-type 2.5" drive. I think the
floppy is a standard RX23... though you might be able to put in an
RX26 (2.88Mb).

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