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From: blstuart_at_bellsouth.net <(blstuart_at_bellsouth.net)>
Date: Sun Jul 25 19:41:02 1999

In message <>, Bruce L
ane writes:
> Would anyone like a copy of 'Getting Started with your Domain System' f
>Apollo Computer, Inc.? Published around 1983-84, it appears to be a basic
>user's guide for the Apollo Domain box.
> Whoever wants it (and I'll be going by time/date stamp on the responses
>first-come, first-served for $5.00 (covers postage, etc.)

Well I'll take a stab, even though something tells me that in the
last 10 hours, somebody has beaten me to the punch. If not,
I'll take it. If I've won the race, let me know and we'll
exchange snail mail addresses.

Brian L. Stuart
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