New Acquisitions! (HP2000) -> now facit 4070 punch...

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Jul 25 21:14:35 1999

Tony Duell wrote...
>These pull out towards the back of the punch - on later models
>there's a little metal rod that retains them. Loosen the screw that
>clamps that and slide it up out of the way.

I must have a later model, mine has the metal rod you mentioned... However,
the rest seems different from what you described.

When I remove the baseplate, the first board visible does have some stuff on
it, but certainly not a uart. This first board is almost (within 1/2 inch)
as long as the board underneath it. This first board is virtually empty,
except there was one row of 13 small transistors top to bottom, then a row
of approximately 3 resistors and 1 diode for each transistor. Then there's a
fair amount of traces taking the signals to the edge connector. It would
appear that the sole purpose of the back half of this board is to bring two
test points to the rear of the unit (6v and gnd).

The board underneath this appears to be the main logic board you referred
to, as there are a number of power transistors on the board. As a point of
reference, there are also a set of hardwired jumpers, labeled 1 through 8 on
the board too. Next to this is a set of small transistors marked off as 1
through 9.

Then there is a metal plate (3 screws remove the top half of it) revealing a
final small PCA, obviously power related (theres a few 7 watt resistors, and
what appears to be some yellow coils).

The guy I got this punch from swears it hooked up to a standard rs232 serial
port, but at this point I'm skeptical. Is any further info available?

Thanks in advance!

Jay West
Received on Sun Jul 25 1999 - 21:14:35 BST

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