Corvus Concept, Varian 620/L

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Mon Jul 26 01:30:36 1999

Al Kossow has scanned a couple of manuals that I've had sitting around
for a while and put 'em up on the net. He's not on the list but says
it's OK to tell y'all.

He'd also like to know about Varian 620/L software and documentation.
If you have some or know something about it, send him e-mail at Feel free to cc: me, I'm interested too but not real

OK, on to the Corvus manuals.

Note each file is a 9MB PDF and these may not be the ideal manuals for
you to learn about the Corvus Concept. Read the following descriptions
before downloading.

The Service Manual is just what it says it is; if you have a broken
Concept or want to know what to do about one this manual will probably
be of interest.

The Hardware Reference includes the theory of operation document for
the Concept hardware, a section on how write code to talk to the
Omninet interface, and a section on the Corvus hard disk interface
which addresses both the electrical signals on the interface and the
communication between the computer and hard disk. Reading the latter
made me think that it should be possible to talk to a Corvus hard disk
(at least at a disk-block level) with a sufficiently bi-directional
IBM PC flavor parallel port or similar interface, a (passive) cable,
and some software that I haven't got around to writing yet.
  - Corvus Concept Hardware Reference manual
  - Corvus Concept Service Manual

Thanks for doing the work of scanning may be directed to Flames about PDF format can be sent to me. I won't
really care either but sufficiently good flames might move me to ask
Al whether he has raw files that I can do something with in my copious
free time (ha ha).

-Frank McConnell
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