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From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Mon Jul 26 02:33:50 1999

Dave Dameron wrote:

> Yes I have used the 1k "RDOS" monitor, one thing that made it useful was
> the source printed in their brown booklet. Back when, I modified it to use
> a Vector Graphics flashwriter. You might look for earlier Cromemco monitors
> that could use a 8080A. (Like with a 8k Bytesaver). If you aren't using a
> disk, the 3 most useful cammands are display memory, substitute memory, and
> jump to a location.
> I don't remember if any of these in the RDOS monitor would work with a
> 8080, but they aren't too difficult to program. That monitor source is how
> I "got my feet wet" with Z-80 assembly.
> I also have Cromemco "Control basic" somewhere in 3 2708's, but could not
> get it to run several years ago, either with a TUART or fixed serial port.
> (bit rot?)

Browsing through early copies of Byte magazine I came across an article
describing AMS80 version 2 : AMSAT 8080 standard debug monitor. The
articrel includes full source code listings of hte monitor. I can try
and scan/copy the article for you.


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