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From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Mon Jul 26 14:40:40 1999

Upon the date 08:27 PM 7/26/99 +0200, Hans B Pufal said something like:
>Christian Fandt wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Anybody know if the setup files are still online at HP and if so where are
>> they? If nothing is on HP's site anymore does anybody have a copy of the
>> setup file for the _Classic_ Vectra they could email to me?
>I'll see if I can find one at HP Grenoble when I visit this week. This
>is where the vectras were (and still are) designed.

That's great Hans! I would be much appreciative!

As a matter of fact, this machine was built in France in April 1986. Makes
sense to me as this was the first of the Vectra models introduced.

Also, if you think you can, could you please get any technical info
available on HP's HPIB card which was used in this machine.

For you others who are wondering why this machine is still in use:

The application software used on it runs only with the HP HPIB card (and
some version of a Techmar card too, I understand) and the operating system
_must_ be no later than MSDOS 3.2. Apparently, the software vendor, Ernst
Leitz GmbH, had used hardware addresses specific to the HPIB card and
perhaps to the Classic Vectra itself along with system calls, etc. found
only in dos 3.2 and earlier. Also, Leica engineers found that ISA bus
speeds cannot be too high (e.g. > 8MHz or so). Kinda limits the platform
which can be used :( Leica bought Ernst Leitz 3 or 4 years ago.

Also, BIG BUCKS to upgrade the two software applications to handle newer
hardware. The machine handles a system which measures photoresist thickness
and line widths of a photoresist photomask, both in .01 micron resolution.

Thanks again!

Regards, Chris
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