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From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Mon Jul 26 21:11:50 1999

On 26 Jul 99 at 22:22, Christian Fandt wrote:

> Upon the date 04:46 PM 7/26/99 +0000, Joe said something like:
> >Chris,
> >
> >At 03:40 PM 7/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >>Upon the date 08:27 PM 7/26/99 +0200, Hans B Pufal said something like:
> >>>Christian Fandt wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>> Hi folks,
> >>>>
> >>>
> >>>> Anybody know if the setup files are still online at HP and if so where are
> >>>> they? If nothing is on HP's site anymore does anybody have a copy of the
> >>>> setup file for the _Classic_ Vectra they could email to me?
> >>>
> >>>I'll see if I can find one at HP Grenoble when I visit this week. This
> >>>is where the vectras were (and still are) designed.
> >>
> >>That's great Hans! I would be much appreciative!
> >>
> The operating syst. dependency is specific to the software, not to the
> Vectra. I tried running the software under M$DOS 6.22 and the program
> randomly crashed once in a while. When the graph of the data was attempted
> to be brought up the program blew up and took the machine back to the C:\>
> prompt. The software was originally written for the HP85 and ported to the
> Vectra. The machine alone seemed to like 6.22 but I didn't take time to
> thoroughly test it. Windoze 3.1 would run too I think but the Seven Year
> Itch would come and go before much happened :)
> >
> >Apparently, the software vendor, Ernst
> >>Leitz GmbH, had used hardware addresses specific to the HPIB card and
> >>perhaps to the Classic Vectra itself along with system calls, etc. found
> >>only in dos 3.2 and earlier. Also, Leica engineers found that ISA bus
> >>speeds cannot be too high (e.g. > 8MHz or so).
> >

 I have an HP disk labelled "Vectra" MS-DOS 3.1. It came with 7 others on
DEC-label disks which were hand written "AT&T Dos v3.3a Rel 1.01" for 4 disks.
2 were "AT&T Test Diagnostics PC6300 non-bootable 360k" and the other was
"AT&T Clock Set Patch 6300" Obviously ,it would seem, for the AT&T 6300
 While the 3.1 disks would boot my Philips luggable I could make nothing out of
the others.
 Possibly there was a reason they were with the Vectra disk.
 I'm not using them if it would help.

ciao larry


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