DEC Professional 380

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Date: Tue Jul 27 11:33:29 1999

> > A quantum 30mb drive that is very solid.
> Better yet, I've got a couple spares :^)

Yes, its the d540 near indestructable.

> Am I correct in assuming that POS is also available at the site? It
> looks like it might be there in Teledisk images. I know it was released to
> DECUS years ago. Hmmmm, this might be enough of an incentive to get one of my
> DECmate III's up and running! I think I'll have to run up to storage tonite
> and grab a keyboard, monitor, and that funky enclosure for turning a desktop
> into a tower!

If not there also check John Wilson's site

Johns site also has stuff for the DMII/III and the mono cable/keyboard/crt
works for both pro and DM!

POS is a like it or hate it OS, but it's light years ahead of NT being
based on the RSX-11 model. If you have POS and decnet... you can either
run DDCMP via serial to a decnet host or if you have the net card DECnet
10b5 phaseIII (maybe phase 4 was out there too).

> Does POS include some kind of program to allow the system to act as a VT100
> or VT220? I seem to recall something along those lines.


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