DEC Professional 380

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 16:39:35 1999

> > Might be... I thought some 'VAX Consoles' were Pro350s.

Some were '380's... I was told they used whatever was in stock (first
the leftover 350's, (since who wanted a 350 when the 380 was

Then they used the 380's.

> Hmmm, as it says PC380 on the back, I'm assuming it's a Pro380. Knowing my
> luck I'm wrong.
> > The 'VAX Console' version has a special I/O card in the rearmost slot of
> > the cardcage IIRC.
> That it does, the only other cards in this particular system are the Hard
> Drive and Floppy Controllers. I noticed that when I was trying to see if
> the Ethernet port was connected to anything, doesn't look like it is, rats!

I wish I had one here on my 350.
Be glad you found the 380. I'd kill for one and kill again for the J11
instead of the F11 chip...

> When I checked the cards last night one thing really struck me, and that was
> how clean inside the system was. Of course it did just come out of a
> computer room a few hours before I got it :^)

Doesn't matter. You should see some of the "computer rooms" these days.

> Unless something prevents me, I hope to get it up and running tonite.
> Zane

Good luck.


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