BA213, uVAX 3900, and KQSFA questions

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 18:18:27 1999

Ok, finally got a moment to put together some bits in my uVAX 3900 in the
BA213 cabinet. I've got it built as follows (from right to left)
        32MB Memory
        32MB Memory
        DECSQA (ethernet)
        KFQSA (DSSI)
        TQK70 (TK70 contoller)
Then wide open space. :-) [meta question, presumably DEC had fill plates
for the empty slots?]

In the top part I've got a TK70, and two RF71's. The RF71's are connected
to the KFQSA via an internal cable that daisy chains first the rightmost
drive then the left drive and then ends at a bulkhead that has a mini
connector (looks like SCSI2). On that connector I've got a DSSI terminator
plugged in.

When I boot the cpu does all of its diagnostics but it doesn't "see" the
KFQSA. One of the drives blinks fault the other rattles around a bit and
then blinks ready.

Some questions:
        The front panel has the disk lights bulkhead configured for
        three disks. I connected the small connector of the rightmost
        disk to disk one connector and the left disk to the second drive
        connector. Is that correct?

        When I type SHOW DEV to the uvax prompt it show the ethernet and
        tape but NOT the KFQSA. Is that normal if the disks are not inited?

        When I type Megan's command "SET HOST/MAINT/QSSP/SERVER 0"
        to access the internal controller on the KFQSA I get
                ?28 UNK SW

Any ideas anyone?

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