Low level formatting DSSI disks with KQSFA?

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Tue Jul 27 18:58:22 1999

At 11:22 PM 5/13/99 -0400, Megan wrote:
>One of the commands of the form
>where n is the number of the UQSSP port.

Ok, I tried this (but its SERVICE not SERVER) and I tried
                        " 1

They just return to the chevron prompt.

>Once the DUP starts up, it will prompt for a command or
>filename... type DIRECT and it will give you a listing
>of what is available. Some drives have different numbers
>of programs available, so try what looks obvious.

This got me looking and I tried:
nope, but it does say :Starting DUP server then Stopping DUP server.

>BTW - the DUP protocol is essentially a protocol which
>causes the VAX and the KFQSA to exchange packets of text.
>You type something, it is packetized and sent to the KFQSA
>where it is passed to code running in the disk. The output
>of that code is passed back to the VAX in a packet.

Any other ideas?
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