Cromemco 4FDC, How do you format a disk?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 18:53:59 1999

<According to the docs, you have to tell the controller
<which drive type it is talking to (bit 4 at I/O address
<34 hex). Looking at the schematics, it sure looks like
<it blindly shoots signals to both connectors. FDAT is
<connected to pin 30 on the 34 pin header and pin 48 on
<the 50 pin header. Hmmm... what's going on here? Pin 48
<is SEP DATA, used with hard sectored drives isn't it?
<Pin 50 is connected to FCLK as well.
<What gives?

Some 8" drives have data seperation on the disk drive and some boards used
that. NOTE: there will also be raw data from the disk and that may actually
be used. Of the 50 pins there are often many unused.

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