My TU10 is hurting.

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 20:29:05 1999

Upon the date 04:03 PM 7/27/99 -0400, Jacob Ritorto said something like:
>On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Christian Fandt wrote:
>> Good Heavens Jacob! Where do you live? On the US Gulf Coast near a swamp
>> in Louisiana or Mississippi?
>> I would be interested in any recovery from this too. But I live just east
>> of Lake Erie and usually just have a month or two of really muggy summer
>> weather (like around now.)
>I live near Pittsburgh, PA now. Lots of clay in the ground so basements

That's only a couple or three hours drive from here. I know about that clay
as it's tough and heavy to dig through when digging a trench for some
plumbing or wiring :(

>are usually pretty damp around here. I painted the walls in the computer
>room with portland cement and installed the dehumidifier and all was well
>for a long time. Then the drain hose somehow got stopped up and some
>puddles formed and in a few days the place was mildewy. Terrible.

Sorry about that mess. The hose likely collected some airborne algae or
some other crud which created a growth inside the hose. Dust collected on
the condenser coils could wash off down into the drain hose and get caught
on something and begin collecting at that point. I have to clean out mine
every couple of years at least. Check and clean the filter over the coils
if you have one. I set the dehumidifier near the sump pit so if there was
an accident then the H2O would just run over into it.

A dehumidifier is indeed an important thing for many of us to have if we
live in a very damp climate or have our tools, computers and other
equipment located in the basement, or especially both. That dehumidifier of
ours seems to run 20 hours per day. Glad we've got cheap electric rates in

Regards, Chris
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