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Date: Wed Jul 28 07:32:47 1999

> The RD31 was a Seagate ST225, and the RD32 was an ST251...The ST251 did
> something like 40ms avg. access, and the ST251-1 was 28ms...The best upgrade I
> ever did in one of my pdp11/73s running RSTS/E was replace the ST251 with an
> ST251-1. :-)

Quantum D540 is the RD52, 31mb and faster than either of the seagates.
Also the 251 has a lousy track record for reliability (heat and skimpy spindle

> Anyway do the MFM controllers in PROs have the same hard-coded drive model
> restrictions as their Qbus big brothers, like the RQDXn family?

yes and no. they are limited to drives they were used with up to I think
the rd32. No, it's not a MSCP controller like RQDX.

> Also, on the subject of RT11...Does anyone know if Mentec has any sort of
> "hobbyist" class license for the PDP11 OSs, or if not, does anyone know what
> their actual prices are like?

No on the hobby license yet. No idea on prices.

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