Looking for PDP-11 Equipment

From: Kevin McQuiggin <mcquiggi_at_sfu.ca>
Date: Wed Jul 28 09:48:36 1999

Hi Chris:

> I'm looking around for businesses that sell new or used DEC
> equipment...and a little bit of help as well, since I don't yet know
> PDPs as well as I'd like to. ;-)

Well, this list is a good starting point. Lots of knowledge and experience
with 11s.

I wouldn't try to buy parts, it's more fun and cheaper to scrounge
around for them. Local college surplus sales and this list are a good
source of boards and other parts.

But in a pinch you can buy good used stuff from Keyways, see

> I'm in the process of getting a PDP-11/23+ which has no hard disks
> or tape drive. The computer itself comes with a few cards, but most of
> them I'm not sure what I can do with.


> The cards that come with the system are:
> M8190 (11/73 processor)
> Emulex M8087 (No one has been able to find out what this board
> is...wrong numbers?)
> Berg M8020 (Single-line serial EIA sync interface)

I'm not sure about the Emulex and Berg boards, but you'll need some RAM,
and a disk or tape controller.

> With that in mind, what do I need to get the system to the point where
> it will boot? I know what the processor card will do, but what about
> the others?

Once you have some RAM and (preferably) a disk controller and drive, you
can install an OS. How about RT-11? It's a well-known OS for this class of

Where are you located? I have several extra disk controllers and drives
that I could part with, plus extra RAM boards. I'm in Vancouver, BC,

> Thanks in advance,

No problem, good luck!


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
Received on Wed Jul 28 1999 - 09:48:36 BST

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