Tek 4041

From: Roger Goswick <ccfsm_at_ipa.net>
Date: Wed Jul 28 12:34:54 1999

Hi All:

 Does anyone have any information on the Tektronix 4041? I've got a
hankering to play with the IEEE-488 bus but can't see paying the
current prices that most people seem to want for a IEEE-488
controller for a P.C. I've acquired an Tek 4041 with 512-K and the
rom Basic development firmware and even the manuals. But I don't
have the (optional) keyboard OR the diagnostics tape. If I could
find this tape then I could simple use a RS-232 terminal for program
input. I've even got a nice HP 150 that could serve as a terminal,
but I need that tape!! Speaking of which, this thing uses a DC100
tape. Know where a soul can find any of these tapes for less that
$25.00 each?
 I know that GP-IB controllers are considered kind of low life - but
for some reason I'm hooked on this one (could be the 68008?). Hell,
you know what? I'm afraid that old computers are going to be as
addicting as old analog synthesizers and Tektronix mainframe

 Thanks all.

Roger Goswick
Received on Wed Jul 28 1999 - 12:34:54 BST

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