HP 3000 Series 37 available

From: ss_at_allegro.com <(ss_at_allegro.com)>
Date: Wed Jul 28 16:50:26 1999

Larry Simonsen (LSimonsen_at_FLOWSERVE.COM) posted elsewhere:

   We have a 3000/37 available.
   It has 4 discs for a total of 1.65 Gig; 5 port boxes (8 ports per box); a
   DDS 1300H, and an open reel tape drive 7974.
   Anyone interested?

For collectors, an HP 3000 Series 37 is about the size of a desktop PC
(slightly heavier), and runs MPE V. (No, you can't run Linux on it.)
It's a CISC stack-based machine. The disk drives mentioned are all
external boxes of some kind, connected via HPIB (no, you can't use SCSI).

The machine is in Edmonton , Alberta, Canada.

If interested, contact Larry directly, not me.
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