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Date: Wed Jul 28 17:08:12 1999

>> Count me in as a confirmed purchaser of the SigTape CDRs..

>This brings up a good point. Tim, are you talking CD-ROMs or CD-Rs? I for
>one would prefer a CD-ROM, as thier life span is considerably longer.
>However, CD-R might be more practical considering the low demand for
>something such as this (at least I think the demand would be low, well
>obviously not in this mailing list though).

I would *like* to know there's enough demand out there to get some
real CD-ROM's pressed. It looks like this becomes feasible with a
quantity of 500 of each. If someone knows of low-volume CD pressers
that would be suitable for this project, I'd appreciate getting

Barring that, gold CD-R's look to be the next best option.

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