More on DEC Pro 380

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Jul 28 17:38:48 1999

<>Quantum D540 is the RD52, 31mb and faster than either of the seagates.
<>Also the 251 has a lousy track record for reliability (heat and skimpy spi
< The Q540 was spec'd at, I believe, 35ms...but the ST251-1 (not 251) was 2
<I do agree about the heat and spindle bearing issues, though, 100%. I hav
<*never* seen a '540 fail. And they made much cooler sounds. :-)

The 8 heads vs 4 makes up for the difference in access as you can see twice
the data before moving the head, in real use acess time averaged better for
the d540. That was especially tue after the 251 dies. Also the D540 is a
servo vs the 251s stepper positioner so that impact reliability. Never
format a cold 251... the tracks move.

< Hmm. I think I'll ask them about the prices. By the "yet", are you
<suggesting that someone is working on it? :-)

Maybe Megan but, not I.

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