IEEE-488 (was Re: Tek 4041)

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Wed Jul 28 21:11:30 1999

> > I've got a hankering to play with the IEEE-488 bus but can't see paying
> > the current prices that most people seem to want for a IEEE-488
> > controller for a P.C.
> On that front, I've got a couple of older 8-bit IEEE cards that I would
> love to find out information on...
> They're National Instruments cards (over 10 years old!), p/n 180212-01,
> with a 5-position DIP switch (U17), an IRQ jumper area (I2-I7), a DMA
> jumper area (A/R 1-3), a non-installed optional battery and (I think clock
> chip) 58167. The main IEEE chips are an NEC D7210C and NS DS75162AN
> driver.

Speaking of which... :-)

A friend recently gifted me with a Mac IIx that had been "excessed" by
his company. In it was a National Instruments NB-MIO (Data Acquisition)
card and a matching NB-DMA-16 (GPIB) card.

Since I don't have any GPIB hardware nor the smatching signal conditioner,
are these of use to any of you? Offers for cash or interesting trades

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