Unidentified HP kit

From: R. Stricklin <red_at_bears.org>
Date: Thu Jul 29 01:45:08 1999

Hullo again;

This evening I managed to scrounge up a few HP bits, all in unknown
operational state. I know little about them except that somebody here
should be able to tell me all about them and possibly even use them. I
have no immediate use for them.

Two HPIB external disk units; one 7945 (apparently a hard disk) and one
9122 (dual 3.5" floppy).

8 98257A cards (apparently 1 MB parity RAM). I'm not sure what sort of
system these would belong to (possibly a 9000/300?) but they are about 5"
by 7", have plastic locking fingers (one green, one purple), and the
electrical interface is card-edge, taking up the length of the longer

That isn't a very good description, but oh well.

What've I got?

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