Need Info: DEC M9301YF Unibus Bootstrap/Terminator

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Date: Thu Jul 29 08:15:28 1999

Hi Kevin,

output after boot:
  R0 R4 SP PC(at time of boot initiated)

boot device codes, suffix n for unit number n, n=0,1,..., empty=0
 TT terminal paper tape
 DK RK11 moving head cartridge
 DT DECtape
 MT TM11 magtape (7 or 9 track, 800 BPI, odd parity, dump mode)
 DP RP11 moving head disk pack
 CT TA11 cassettes
 PR PC11 high-speed paper tape reader
 DX RX11 diskette
some M9301 versions additionally support MASSBUS devices.
DX<cr> should work fine for you.

The DX boot appears to be at address 173546. I will fax the
program code at that address. Do you have the RX11 controller register
descriptions ?

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