RT-11/RSX-11/RSTS freeware CD-ROM

From: emanuel stiebler <emu_at_ecubics.com>
Date: Thu Jul 29 09:27:42 1999

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Subject: Re: RT-11/RSX-11/RSTS freeware CD-ROM

> That is another very good way to get SIG stuff into our PDP's. Actually,
> with this, a CDROM is not needed. Just download files from metalab into
> PC and squirt them thru the network into the PDP. But once again, I would
> have to find parts, etc. to setup the PDP's onto a network.

Once you have the files on a PC, (or wherever your CDROM/internet is) it's
no problem to transfer it via kermit. (which is on the CDROM, right ?;-))

And a spare v24 cable, should be easy to find ...


P.S. Great idea Tim !
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