Unidentified HP kit

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Jul 29 10:34:25 1999

At 02:45 AM 7/29/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hullo again;
>This evening I managed to scrounge up a few HP bits, all in unknown
>operational state. I know little about them except that somebody here
>should be able to tell me all about them and possibly even use them. I
>have no immediate use for them.
>Two HPIB external disk units; one 7945 (apparently a hard disk) and one
>9122 (dual 3.5" floppy).
>8 98257A cards (apparently 1 MB parity RAM). I'm not sure what sort of
>system these would belong to (possibly a 9000/300?) but they are about 5"
>by 7", have plastic locking fingers (one green, one purple), and the
>electrical interface is card-edge, taking up the length of the longer
>That isn't a very good description, but oh well.

  No, that's a fine description. They're 1 Mb RAM cards for use in the HP
9000 200 series computers. They'll also fit in some of the 9000 300 series.
 The 9000 200s include the 9836 that we were recently discussing here on
the list. Here's a list of all of them: HP 9816 (aka 9000 216), HP 9817
(aka 9000 237), HP 9826 (aka 9000 226), HP 9836 (aka 9000 236), HP 9920
(aka 9000 220).

  I have several of these machines. I can use those cards if you want to
part with them.

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