Unholy smoke

From: Arfon Gryffydd <arfonrg_at_texas.net>
Date: Thu Jul 29 10:59:20 1999

I've collected several TRS-80s with that putrid smokers stench. Best thing
to do I found is take some whisper fans and let them air out the components
for a few days. Model 100's I disassemble and blow air across the boards.
Large computers (Model IIs, IIIs, etc) I seal off the disc drive holes with
some tape (minimizes the dust through the mechanics) and blow air in the
top vent hole and out the bottom vent holes.
Then I throw a Pine Tree air freshner in there for good measure. This seems
to work well.

To clean the delicate parts, Windex is the key! I saturate the pieces (the
ammonia evaporates farily quickly) and use a soft tooth brush then wash it
clean with Freon TF equivalent.

The cases seem to respond to a Greenie and Windex (Alcohol for adhesives).
DO NOT USE nail polish remover! It scars plastics.

BTW, I was kidding about the Pine Tree.


>>I bought a high quality 17 inch monitor at a great price last night, but
>>when I carried it in from my car it went no further than the garage. The
>>former owner is a smokestack and the monitor reeks of cigarette smoke
>>especially when its turned on. The monitor is also acting funny, ala smoke
>>bits in the wrong places, etc.
>>How should I clean this thing?
>>Disassembly down to the chassis I think is a given, then my first thought
>>is canned air, but I KNOW that won't be enough, this baby needs a bath. Is
>>it time for me to finally buy that $14 can of Blue Shower?
>>What should I not do?
>>Anybody using the citrus based Limonene products?
> I bought a Tandy Model lll in that shape, got pretty good results by
>cleaning exterior with Fantastic and blowing much compressed air into
>interior. Can't smell it now.

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