RT-11/RSX-11/RSTS freeware CD-ROM

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Date: Thu Jul 29 11:06:26 1999

John Zabolitzky wrote:

>count me in for the RT11 volume.
>Much better than downloading - but the ISO _OR_ RT11 format surely
>would be good both to have !!

It looks like the collection will be split up the following ways:

1. One RT-11 CD-R, with both ISO9660 *and* RT-11 style directories.
The ISO9660 directory will contain RT-11 logical disks that can be
examined on a PC clone with John Wilson's PUTR (or on a VMS machine
with VMS EXCHANGE) and will be at the beginning of the disk, and the
RT-11 style directories will be at the "end" of the disk and accessed
as high-numbered partitions through RT-11's DU driver, for those lucky
enough to have a CD-ROM drive directly connected to their -11. Those
using the full-blown version of John Wilson's E11 emulator could access
the high-numbered RT-11 partitions, those using the non-full-blown
version could still look at the logical disks on the ISO9660 partition.

The "dual format" RT-11 CD-R is possible because the sum total of
all the RT-11 stuff is under 300 Megabytes - thus I can put everything
on the CD-R twice, once in the ISO9660 directory and once in a RT-11

2. The RSX-11 CD-ROM. The sum total of stuff here comes very near
650 Mbytes, so it's not possible to have "dual-format" stuff here.
So I propose three different flavors:

   2A: An ODS-1 (i.e. native RSX-11 format) CD-ROM. Only useful to
       those with a CD-ROM drive hooked up to a real PDP-11, or to those
       using John Wilson's full-blown E11 emulator.

   2B: An ISO9660 CD-ROM filled with RSX-11 virtual disks. These would
       be useful to folks who could Kermit or FTP the logical disks to
       a real RSX-11 machine with a virtual disk driver, or to those
       running John Wilson's full-blown E11.

   2C: An ISO9660 CD-ROM with all the files from the RSX SIG and DECUS
       collections as individual files. Source code could be Kermit'ted
       or FTP'ed to a real RSX machine as necessary.

I want to keep options 2A and 2B open, because these allow the most direct
access to the RSX-11 files on a RSX-11 machine or emulator. But I suspect
that many people will end up with 2C, just because this is the only option
for files directly human-readable on a PC-clone (not running E11) or

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