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From: Roger Goswick <ccfsm_at_ipa.net>
Date: Thu Jul 29 11:30:59 1999

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At 08:57 PM 7/28/99 -0500, Roger wrote:
> The thing I really need is the diagnostics tape.

< Good luck finding one. I have never seen a factory tape of any

This tape is/was standard issue with all 4041 - according to
everything I've seen so far. which consist of 2 4041 manuals and 3
or 4 Tek catalogs.

The manual states
>that you can use an RS-232 terminal for programming this thing

   That's news to me but like I said I've never found a manual for

- and
>then goes on to explain how to make an autostart tape to tell the
>4041 to use a serial port as the standard programming I/O port.

< Does the manual say if you can write the programs on annother
machine and
<record them to tape and then use the tape in this one? HP makes a
<box called a HP 9915. It's basicly a HP 85 in a small box with no
<keyboard and an optioal tape drive. You can write your programs on
<regular 85 and record them on tape ih an "Autost" file and then put
<tape in the 9915 and it will load it automaticly.

No! Not at all. The manual states that you can (and should) use an
RS-232 terminal as the 'systems console' if you will. This is for
communications with and programming of the 4041 - an I/O device.
BTW, UPS just left a HP 87XM on my porch - more wasted nights on the
way!! (Don't you just love $30.00 computers!)

>of course I never meant anything ill about process control or the
>IEEE-488 bus(HP-IB - GBIBP whatever), but I have noticed that a lot
>of folks do seem to look down upon machines that they have (in
>minds anyway) abstracted down to nothing more that simple black

< That's not true of the folks on this list. They're very into
< that are used as controllers.

For this Guys - I'm very thankful. I'm a member of Analog Heaven, a
place where we talk about analog synthesizers. You don't use the D
word else your bombarded with hate mail, so I've learned to tread

 Learn everything their is to know about a Commodore C-64 or
>even a Motorola D5 board and you have acquired more knowledge than
>most windows programmers about what really is going on, think?

   You know it!

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