Borland releases old Turbo products at no charge...

From: David Wollmann <>
Date: Thu Jul 29 15:48:38 1999

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Hans Franke wrote:

> > > Check out <> for:
> > I thought Borland died when they came up with that awful Inprise name?
> Nop, the're back with the Borland label for compiler(like) products.
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Not only that, they're looking at doing Delphi for Linux, and maybe their
C++ Builder thingie as well. There have been several articles on this on /.
and other Linux sites lately.

IIRC, a recent informal benchmark showed that Borland's compiler runs about
twice as fast as gcc and _may_ produce smaller code--the author wasn't sure if
the executables were smaller because of tighter code, or a difference in the
debug options specified during the compiles. I'm light on details, but the
impression I've gotten is that the Borland folks are serious about getting into
the Linux game.

I hope Borland will do the same thing for Linux with Delphi and/or C++ Builder
that they did for the PC with TP 1.0. This could be a real shot in the arm. Or

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