GPIB,'C' and the HP-150 (was:Re: Tek 4041)

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Date: Thu Jul 29 23:27:59 1999

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999 22:58:15 -0500 "Roger Goswick" <>
>Say, while I'm wasting everyone's time, where might I obtain a boot
>disk for my HP 150? Would any version of Dos 2.1 work or do I need
>an HP version. And many thanks all. This really is a swell bunch of
>people you have here!!

It's special. The IBMBIO.COM has all of the hardware specific drivers
for the thing, and it's specially written for the 150's IO system,
namely HPIB. Somebody's *bound* to have a copy somewhere . . .

My local surplus dealer had Touchscreen II's. I imagine I can get one
pretty cheaply . . .


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