Unholy smoke

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Sat Jul 31 17:50:41 1999

>I have worked on these Mac like that. I thought fan blows in or out?

I think some are in, some are out, many older used to suck in through the

>> I was afraid to really douse the motherboard, so I wiped it down with a
>> cloth dampened in window cleaner, then used an air duster on it. The floppy
>Don't be scared. I have did dousing and literally bathed the
>motherboards and HOT water & dishwasher soap or strong dose of

My limit I think is the hot rinse cycle only, no soap etc.

>In old days, I would use freon. Dirt literally floated off with
>a generous spray and allowed to drip off onto floor. None came close
>to that "new look" condition with anything else that simple.

I put a few layers of newspaper underneath, then spray spray spray. Worked
great. I am very anxious to see if the Limonene based products don't work
just as well. They are certain extremely effective solvents.

>To ger rid of last remaining smell, hire out to ozone equipped shop
>who specialize in smoke damage recovery to "burn" out the smell.

>PS: pet's doing peeings even over one month period on any floors
>always requires complete floor down to joists tear out. That where

There are some specialized products that are quite effective on the
targeted smells. For pet urine there are enzyme products that fairly
harmlessly remove all traces of the odors (they basically eat the smell til
its gone).
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