Damn fools (was Re: Dell "Oldest PC" winner on dent)

From: Roger Goswick <ccfsm_at_ipa.net>
Date: Fri Jul 30 14:49:03 1999

 This has been an interesting, uh, exchange of and on many
viewpoints and I've found value in quite a bit of it, i.e. it makes
you think. But I do take exception to

>> Even business do things they don't like or wish to do.

 Businesses, just like the independent people who run them, can only
do what they want to do. You do what you want to do - always. You
might hide your decisions behind the guise of "business made me do
it" or "my spouse won't let me keep the 5360 in the house" or some
such, but you made the decision, your choice is your choice.
Businesses both big and small hide behind this "we didn't want to do
it" nonsense as do individuals - but you can only do what it is you
indented to do, what you want to do, unless of course you have a
dirty bus connector or a bad memory module or a flaky CPU or faulty
programming, eh?

You list the possible decisions, the possible outcomes of each
decision, the relative plus and minus of each variable - and then
you decide what course of action to take, You do what you want.

BTW - Does anybody know of any hobby level (cheep) GP-IB programming
tools? All I want to do is control several DVM and a counter and
function generator - minimal stuff for very basic bench automation.
Any ideals? Thanks

Roger Goswick
Coca-Cola Bottling

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