HP85 Available

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Mon Mar 1 00:16:53 1999

At the last TRW, John picked up an HP85 that he stuck me with :). If anyone
is interested in it, $10 plus shipping from zip 93105. I haven't weighed it
yet, but that can be done if anyone is interested. Condition unknown, but
the guy said his son plugged it in and it worked. No manuals, plugins, etc.
come with the unit. I also plugged it in, and it ran my usual:

10 print "hello"
20 goto 10

program with no problems, and it sounded like the printer was trying to
print each iteration of the program. The tape drive roller is gooey
although it is still round at this point :).
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