KA630 CNF?

From: Megan <mbg_at_world.std.com>
Date: Mon Mar 1 06:22:22 1999

>Off almost certainly means leaving the pin open.

Depends on whether the signal is active-low or active-high.

>Shouldn't matter that the memory isn't on board, since it's PMI memory.
>The real question is whether the KA650 allows the bus arbiter to be
>disabled, and provides the interprocessor doorbell interrupt.

Yeah, it would... to be able to use it, there would have to be enough
Q/CD slots to have the main processor, then the KA650 and its memory.
With an 11/83 and 4mb, that leaves no slots in a BA23. Even if I
cut back to one 2mb memory board, that only leaves one slot, which
the CPU would occupy, with no room for a memory board for it...

>Are there KA650 and KA655 manuals comparable to the KA630-AA CPU Module
>User's Guide? I haven't been able to find one. I recently got a KA655
>(M7625-BA) with three M7622 16M RAM boards (two M7622-AT and one
>M7622-AP). I'm hoping that I can just swap it with the KA630 and MS630
>in my BA123. (In the BA23, IIRC, there are only three CD slots, so I'd
>only be able to use two of the memory cards.)

I went looking yesterday and found my KA650 CPU module Technical manual,
so they do exist... EK-KA650-UG

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