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From: John Foust <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 09:50:04 1999

At 08:55 PM 2/27/99 -0500, Allison J Parent wrote:
>Yes, DEC sold cards and networking software to work with the VAX (DECNET)
>systems. The software started as PCSA, later known as PATHWORKS and
>TEAMLINKS. Since I have and use vaxen the software would be a find. The
>net cards are standard eithernet.

Hmm. I picked up a TK50 (sans cable) and a number of carts that
were probably used with some kind of MicroVAX:

MicroVAX v4.6 Full bin
MicroVAX v4.6 mand update
MicroVAX v4.6 VMS lic key
Appletalk for VMS v2.0.6 & 2.1, another 3.0b2
VMS v5.5 bin, and mand update
Odesta HelixVMX

I got a VS2000 (w/o keyboard or monitor) at the same time that
I haven't fired-up yet.

- John
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